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Risk of added sugar 0

What is the risk of eating too much sugar?

Almost everyone loves something sweet to eat.   For some of us it is a treat and for others it has become a way of life.   However, what does it do to your body?   Yes it can quickly provide a boost of energy, but there is a subsequent crash afterwards.  It has no nutritional value.  What happens to our bodies if we are eating more than the recommended 100 calories of sugar a day (6 teaspoons) for women and children, or 150 calories a day (9 teaspoons) for men? Obesity There are a number of causes of obesity such as eating...

Sedentary lifestyle 0

What risk to health does a sedentary lifestyle pose?

Sedentary lifestyles have accelerated during the pandemic.  Lockdowns, restrictions on social interactions and the normalisation of working from home have impacted the amount of movement most people do on a daily basis.   It has slowed everyone down.  What is sedentary behaviour and what risk does a sedentary lifestyle pose to your health? Sedentary behaviour means any form of sitting or lying down while awake which expends 1.5 METs or less.  METs means metabolic equivalent of task and is a measure of the energy expenditure when performing a task. Across the world 4 to 5 million deaths a year are attributed...